Suzhou H&L Instruments LLC. has established a cooperative relationship with Suzhou Metrology and Testing Institute. On the basis of giving full play to their respective advantages, jointly complementing each other and mutually beneficial results, the two sides will further deepen their cooperation fields and cooperation contents, better serve enterprises, local economic and social development, and promote the measurement and instrumentation industry. The development of the industry.

Closely around the local industry in Suzhou, starting from the needs of enterprises and institutions, scientific research and development of measuring instruments, improve the production of measurement and monitoring means, improve the detection level of enterprises and product quality. The cooperation between the two sides can not only expand their respective business scope and service areas, but also show the service object a newer, better and more comprehensive service platform. This cooperation not only innovates their respective service mechanisms, but also will comprehensively improve the quality of our respective services. H&L instruments in the product sales into the measurement and testing services, not only to fully protect product quality, but also to enhance the popularity of the product. At the same time, in the measurement and testing services carried out by Suzhou Metrology Institute, to strengthen the publicity of H&L Instrument, more enterprises and institutions can better understand the professional advantages of H&L Instrument Company's products, and provide a better platform for the company to expand production, participate in international competition, become bigger, stronger and better.