1. Number of patents

    6 patents for invention

    9 patents for utility models

    10 patents to be authorized

2. Technology award

     2017: special gold medal of Geneva invention exhibition, Switzerland

     November 2016: selected "Suzhou best people's science and Technology Innovation Award"

     September 2016: China machinery industry science and technology award 2016

     May 2015: won the three prize of science and technology innovation product of China Optical Engineering Society.

     February 2015: Suzhou's top ten charismatic figures in 2014

     December 2011: selected in Suzhou Industrial Park "two hundred talents in Jinji Lake"

     September 2011: selected experts from the "thousand person program"

February 2011: selected high level talents for innovation and entrepreneurship in Jiangsu

     February 2011: selected talents for innovation and entrepreneurship in Suzhou 

     2008: selected leaders of science and technology in Suzhou Industrial Park

3. Product appraisal meeting

     September 17, 2015: Jiangsu Province Economic and Information Committee organizes the provincial-level new product appraisal meeting of "Stress-free Plane Testing Laser Interferometer (HOOL L9000)" project, which is appraised by experts all over the country. Important conclusion: "the comprehensive performance of the product reaches the international advanced level and fills the domestic blank".

4. Enterprise standard setting

    July 31, 2015: Complete the formulation of the enterprise standard for the flat crystal flatness tester (standard No. Q/320501 SZHL 001-2015) and the filing work (filing No. 240-2015-N).

5. Drafting unit of national system table and state regulations

    In 2013, as one of the main drafting units, Suzhou H&L  Instrument Co., Ltd. participated in the drafting of the National Metrological Verification System Form of the People's Republic of China (JJG 2019 X)

    In 2015, as one of the main drafting units, Suzhou Huili Instrument Co., Ltd. participated in the drafting of the national metrological verification regulations of the People's Republic of China (JJG 28-201 *), supplementing and implementing the "flat crystal verification regulations (JJG 28-2000)" issued in July 2000-09 and implemented in September 2000-15. Perfect. 

    Participating in the second quarter 2017 standard project appraisal meeting

6. Project evaluation expert

    Innovative and entrepreneurial talents in Jiangsu

    Suzhou talent

    Leading talents in Suzhou Industrial Park

7. Deputy editor / editor in chief of professional magazines in China

     Infrared and Laser Engineering 

     Chinese Optics
      Hans Journal of Nanotechnology

      Journal of Applied Optics 


8. Reviewer of International Journal

    《Applied Optics》

    《Optics Express》

    《Optical Engineering》

    《The Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B》


9. The International Association of Societies

     SPIE Fellow

     2018 SPIE strategic planning committee members

     SPIE_Vikram committee (Metrology Award)



10. The society of China

     Standing director of China Optical Engineering Society

     National Technical Committee on geometric parameter engineering parameters

     Member of the National Technical Committee for photoelectric measurement standardization

     Director of China Instrument Society

     Director of Chinese society of stereology

     Director of China micro instruments and systems technology branch

     Director of China Society of micron and Nanotechnology